Revolutionary War Patriots

Most of our ancestors came to Pennsylvania in the early to mid 1700's. They took the required oath to the King, however they like many of their compatriots looked to be able to determine their own destiny. The majority of our ancestors willingly joined the revolution against the King. I have listed all the Patriots in our family to the left, the first four at the top of the list have been proven by me for the SAR and the first two have been proven by my sister for the DAR.

 They are all listed in the DAR and many with SAR papers.

The information on these pages is about the Patriots themselves. To find out information about their ancestors and descendants please click on Genealogy on the top menu. Then under Schleicher and/or Wehr there are full family trees.

I am trying to obtain photographs of each Patriots headstone. Some have dissapeared over the years and been lost to time. The ones I have are pictured below.


Casper Peter                                   Jacob Peter                                             Conrad Bloss                                  John George Bloss


John Adam Dietrich                  Leonard Ellemaker                                         Peter Fries                                Christian Heinrich Sr


Christian Heinrich Jr                 Johann Hunsicker                                     Jacob Hunsicker                                Samuel Kistler


Johannes Krumm                      Issac Levan Sr                                           Issac Levan Jr                                       Marx Lichty


Conrad Rehrig


George Ruch                           Christian Seiberling                                     Carl Otto Steigerwalt                           Lorenz Wehr