Our ancestors were farmers, railroad men, millers, tanners and more. They were hardworking people who built this country.

Here on these pages I have created slideshows and/or pictures taken by various family members over the years. Anthony Padelskas, when he came to the United States from Lithuania in 1913 settled in the Connecticut Valley eventually moving to East Granby Connecticut. There he purchased a farm (the old Thompson place) and for many years raised cigar wrapper tobacco. Thanks to my aunt Agnes Padelskas, I have many pictures and slides, both black and white and color, from the farm. These pictures show farm life from the 1930's to the 1950's on a small tobacco farm.

The slideshow below is set to music, there are many more pictures of Tobacco Farming on the sub-pages to the left. Please enjoy the video below.



     Check out the YouTube video on the Padelskas farm, this is a "first try" at a YouTube video. Click on the link below (same video as above but on You Tube site)

                                            Padelskas Tobacco Farm video

I will be adding pictures of the Schleicher farms in Pennsylvania and Clayton Schleicher's family store in Clamtown PA. Several of our ancestors worked for the railroad, among the roads they worked for were the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Packerton and Lehighton and the Reading Railroad.