Military Service               

Our family has always been willing to do their part for our great country, starting with the Revolution up to the present day. During the Revolution we had 23 ancestors who served their new county.  There were 15 on my Grandmothers side and 14 on my Grandfathers side, I know, that is 29 ancestors, but there are several who are in both branches of the family tree (intermarriage).

 We supposedly had one ancestor, Gideon Rehrig, who served in the Civil War although I have never been able to find documentation to support the claim. During World War I they all registered for the draft but where either too young or too old, so I haven't found any ancestors who fought in WWI.

World War II, our ancestors once again answered the call from their country.  Serving in the Marine Corps, US Navy and US Army. Leon joing the Marines in 1942 fighting in the fierce battles of Roi Namur, Saipan, Tinian and finally in the bloody battle of  IWO JIMA. Both his brothers were in the US Army, Joe serving in the tank corps and their cousin Frank, fought with the Army in Italy. Phil Carrigan and Ernie Schleicher joined the US Navy serving on the USS Card and the USS Cabot respectively. During Vietnam Jeff Padell joined the US Navy as a Photographer's Mate.



Personal picture slideshow of Sgt Leon Padell USMC

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Military Graphic provided by Doug Kidd