Carl Otto Steigerwalt 2 3 4

1760 - 1822

  • Born: 6 May 1760, Floersback, Hesse, Hanau, Germany 3 5

  • Marriage: Gertraut Alspach about 1785 1

  • Died: Abt 1822, Ben Salem Church, East Penn Twp, Carbon Co, Pennsylvania about age 62 3

  • Buried: Ben Salem Church, East Penn Twp, Carbon Co, Pennsylvania 3

  General Notes:

Per History of Carbon Co
Carl immigrated at the age of seven and remained as as indentured servant until he was 21 years old.
In 1794, Carl and Andrew Steigerwalt bought farm property from Josiah and Hannah Thomas, and in 1797, Andrew sold his share to his brother Carl. In 1814, Carl built a stone barn measuring 40 feet by 60 feet.

Carl's children were: John, Magdalene (Imarried Frederick Schneider), Frederick (married Maria Hettler), Susanna (married John Rehrig, son of Conrad Rehrig), Joacob (married Elizabeth Rehrig, only daughter of Conrad Rehrig)(, Elizabeth (married John Miller), and Henry

From The Descendants of Johann Steigerwalt

Carl came to America at the age of seven with his parents. In January, 1768 he became an "indentured" servant of Peter Dungal of neighboring Greenwich Township, Berks County. It is said that he became "bound" for expenses his father had incurred to bring the family across the ocean to America. The agreement was to end after twelve years and four months or in May, 1780 when Carl Otto would be twenty years old. Upon release, Mr. Dungal was obligated to give Carl Otto a suit of homespun cloth, a pair of shoes and stockings. The following year, Carl Otto enlisted in the Revolutionary forces against the English crown. He was a private in Captain Daniel Will's Company of Berks County militia from May 28, 1781 to July 31, 1781.
Carl, in partnership with his brother Andrew bought a parcel of land from Josiah Thomas and his wife Hannah, on April 6, 1794. This tract was in East Penn Township, then Northampton County (presently Carbon County), which was on the north side of the Blue Mountain and northeast of Albany Twp., on and below the southern slopes of the mountain. This land is along the Lizard Creek, and there is a story of the Steigerwalt men sleeping in the desolate woods while building a house. On December 1, 1797, Andrew sold his share to Carl. From 1794 to 1797, Carl Otto was on the building committee of the Ben Salem Union Church. The original church, a log building, was erected during this time.
About 1785 Carl married Gertraudt. Presumably she was from Albany Township and her parents are unknown. While living in Greenwich Township, Carl Otto and Gertraudt attended the New Bethel Church of that township. Carl's children: John settled in Albany Township, Berks County, and was a weaver by trade. Magdalene was married to Frederick Schneider of Lynn Township, and died before 1828. Frederick stayed on the homestead and married Maria Hettler, one of the neighbor's daughters. Susannah was married to John Rehrig, son of Conrad D., one of the neighbors. Jacob was married to Elizabeth Rehrig. Elizabeth Steigerwalt was married to Isaac Miller. Henry, the youngest of the children was married and moved to Ohio after 1828.
Gertraudt outlived her husband by thirty years. In the year 1819, Carl Otto had built a stone barn, 40 x 60 feet, with 18 feet from basement to eaves. A few years later he died and Frederick, one of his sons, bought a part of the tract from the heirs. There were two indentures calling for the same number of acres. One was dated 1824 calling for 77 acres, 67 perches, consideration $1040. The second dated 1828 calling for 77 acres, 67 perches, consideration $617. On August 10, 1838, he bought a tract of land lying along the east side of his farm containing 135 acres for the sum of $628 from George Freyman. In 1847 he bought another strip, on the west side of his farm, containing 23 acres, from Jonas Andreas for $23.

Carl married Gertraudt Alspach about 1785. Gertraudt was born in 1763. She died in Apr 1852.

  Noted events in his life were:

• Military: Patriot From Pennsylvania.

• Baptism, 7 May 1760, Florsbach, Hessen, Hanau, Germany. 1

Carl married Gertraut Alspach about 1785.1 (Gertraut Alspach was born about 1763 in Floersback, Hesse, Hanau, Germany 5 and died about 1850 in Schuylkill (County?) Pennsylvania 5.)


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